Experiences and background have a great importance when you decide to enter a specific job. In my case, I have been lucky to start flyfishing after a long period of “normal” fishing. This gave me the great opportunity to know all the aspects of fishing.

In addition to the following, my passion pushed me to fish most European rivers (Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, England, Ireland, ex-Yugoslavia, Greece, Rumania, Hungary,Czechoslovakia, Far East, New Zealand…). As for Italy, there are few rivers I have not visited.

Here is the path from the green years to nowadays.


– When 6 years old, first (sea) fishing experience

1977 – Fly Angling Club in Milan. First casting tuition with Luciano Maragni. Secretary of the Club for some more than 10 years.

1985 – first casting tuition session with Mario Riccardi.

UNPeM (Unione Nazionale Pescatori a Mosca-National Flyanglers’ Union) Casting Instructor

1989 – second casting tuition session with Mario Riccardi


– President of the Fish & Flies Fishing Club in Crema

– Editor of “La Mosca in Italia”, national newsletter paper of UNPeM

– Regional (Lombardy) Responsible for UNPeM

– National Responsible of Fishing Patrolling Squad for UNPeM

– Chairman of UNPeM

– Vice-Chairman of UNPeM

– Secretary for SNL-UNPeM (National Casting School of UNPeM)

At present:

– Founder and President of Tuscia Fly Club in Viterbo 

–Casting Instructor for Tuscia Fly Club in Viterbo (SNL casting instructor) 

– National Secretary and Member of the Board of UNPeM

– Regional Responsible (Latium) of UNPeM

– Representative of SNL-UNPeM (National Casting School) for Central and Southern Italy.