Beginning from the very beginning?

Beginning from the very beginning, a post for beginners, why not? Most anglers surfing the web are already skillful enough to skip these words but many are attracted by our beloved passion still being afraid of words and of an unknown world. These still “unconvinced” new flyanglers deserve a special attention and should receive the […]

Beginner? Don’t worry, your first fish is round the corner!

Beginner (s)! This article is for you!!! I live in a magic area for flyangling: here you can find almost all the quarries anglers are after, from the shy chub to the ferocious pike. If you decide to spend your holiday here combining tourism to fishing, you’ve made the perfect match. If you decide to spend […]

Ente, a small surprising stream not far from Viterbo.

When you’re sweating under your shirt and imagining the pleasant breeze out there…When you’re dreaming and thinking of the pleasant landscape of our rivers…When you’re busy trying to follow the intrigued paths of the web… and an email pops up grabbing your curiosity…“Ciao! I go fishing… what about you?”Suddenly the breeze becomes reality. The paths […]

Entomology, approach and other “disturbing” notions…

Entomology, approach… why “disturbing notions”? Because their high value in flyfishing tend to “disturb” the angler from the cast and the catch of his quarry! Entomology is without any doubt a wonderful science and its knowledge is of great help to flyanglers. But this “article” is intended for beginners and its goal is to attract more […]

Fishing guide: things to be remembered for your best trip.

A Fishing Guide can make the difference between a poor and a rich day on the water.You can take liberally from his knowledge of the technique and of the land where he lives and operates. This means saving time and money.You can rely on him for any need or wish you have during your trip. From […]

Do fish see us? A good question, not only for beginners.

Do fish see us? This is a good question, not only for beginners… Let’s see what actually happens when on the river bankSituationI am not far from the river. Fish activity is restless: they’re feeding on caddis dipping their back into the water, laying egg. Rises can be easily seen also from a distance. My rod is […]

“Yellow House” in Civitella d’Agliano. A place where emotions start.

“Yellow House” is a Holiday House immersed in the nature of our green province. Not far from the border with Umbria, its lovely position grants easy and quick access to many of the area’s hot spots, last but not least the world famous Civita di Bagnoregio, also known as “the Dying Town”.  I had the pleasure […]

Tippet of the leader: what’s your opinion?

Tippet of the leader: one of most important components of a flyangler’s tackle. More important than flies, rods and reels. The importance of the tippet. The tippet of the leader is the ultimate barrier between we – the anglers – and the fly. If it breaks under a too high tension, we loose. If it […]

History of flyfishing: a bridge to our roots

 Last year, I was obliged to stay away from Tuscia for a few weeks – it wasn’t for fishing – helas!  – and I grabbed the chance to pay a couple of visits to local flyangling clubs: one in Siena and one in Piacenza, where I had been asked to attend an evening meeting  talking about the history […]

Flyfishing with the Etruscans, in the middle of nowhere.

A report of a fishing trip with friends to the wildest parts of Maremma, where nature surrounds you. Want to know more? Get in touch!!!The last house of the small village was some 20 minutes ago and we have driven through an uninhabited landscape following a rocky and sandy track. Huge holes in the asphalt […]