Fly fishing only for trout? For sure, not in Tuscia!

Let’s have a short talk about the environments where flyfishing is possible. It is a general opinion that our technique is suitable only in some waters but flyfishing is not only for salmonid and thymallus. It is great also for many other kinds of fish: from dace to pike, from chub to black bass, from perch to carp, barbel and zander… Each has its specific approach, tackle and philosophy, […]

Tuscia: deeply in our unstained nature

Nature, in Tuscia, has many small streams running through an unbelievably green area. A few are classified as “trout water” Province of Viterbo – Secondary Water – Class “A” – Maggots not allowed but, to be honest, they hold salmonids only for a short period after the opening day (end of February). For the rest […]