Let’s have a short talk about the environments where flyfishing is possible. It is a general opinion that our technique is suitable only in some waters but flyfishing is not only for salmonid and thymallus. It is great also for many other kinds of fish: from dace to pike, from chub to black bass, from perch to carp, barbel and zander… Each has its specific approach, tackle and philosophy, which make flyfishing so charming.

Tuscia and the nearby areas have so many different waters ranging from the smallest stream to wider rivers and lakes. All of them can be approached with a fly, because flyfishing is not to be considered suitable only for wide, open spaces.We have smallest streams (asking for a watchful approach and short, accurate casts using a short rod and light line, not-so-long and thin leaders and attractors). As a rule, hip boots are enough, trekking shoes are sometimes better. This kind of water offers mostly trout (brown) and chub. Fishing is not always easy and a good casting skill is a plus.

Medium sized mountain streams ask for longer rods and leaders with thinner tippet and a wider choice of flies. Waders are a bonus but hip boots are normally ok. This kind of water  normally has brownies  and chubRainbows are also rather common in stocked waters. Rivers go from very fast to slow, from gin clear to greenish water, from rocky to sandy bottoms, from overhanging trees to flat-all-around.

The medium and lower stretch of streams and wide rivers suggest longer and more powerful rods. Lines range from floating to intermediate and sinking (tips). Leaders are longer and wider is the choice of flies. Trout and chub often live together with pike, black bass, zander, barbel, dace… Waders are highly recommended. Streamers often give great results but it is not rare to fish the rises.

Lakes are the kingdom of poppers and bigger streamers, powerful rods and tough leaders; lines range from floating to hi-speed sinking; DT to Shooting Tapers. Pike and black bass, perch and big chub are common preys. Waders can be used from shore (enter the water for some 20 meters and cast the fly near the reeds) but the best solution is – without any doubt – a boat or a belly boat).

As far as the sea is concerned, the choice is restricted to very powerful rods, strong and salt resistant reels. Fishing from a boat is of course suggested but we also have rivers entering the sea and wader fishing is possible with good results.

You will find all the above situations in TusciaGet in touch for more suggestions when you decide to arrange your next trip to our wonderful land!!!

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