Fishing in Summer: we spend our winter months waiting for this season, considered the best to go fishing.

It is, if we are ready to accept some notions which are often forgotten or underestimated.

In Summer, days are often extremely hot and this plays a relative influence on rivers’ inhabitants.  A blank fishing day does not mean the river is empty.

Often, surprises come with the dark when you don’t see where you’re casting your fly with the feeling you are putting it to the right spot…

Fishing during the hottest days of the year means to be ready to be on the river until late,  well after sunset, leaving the water in the dark and searching the way back to the car or the bank using a torch.

This drives our attention to another problem: NEVER be alone on the river if you are aiming for the “coup de soir”.

Even if you know the river very well, an unseen branch, a slippery stone may make you fall to the ground – or into the water. With serious consequences.


Fishing in Summer means to avoid being at home at “normal” lunch time…

It means to apologize with your family for your late arrival…

It also means to accept the risk of a “very last cast” into the dark…

Fishing in Summer is all this, and even more. When it is dark, everything is bigger, undefined, monstrous…

Last but not least, flyfishing in Summer offers you the chance to say friends “I got one veeery big, a real monster… and broke my leader…”.

Nobody will know you caught a branch in the dark. And you pulled hard…

As a consequence, I recommend those willing to spend their holidays in Central Italy in Summer – where I’m ready to guide them to wonderful fishy rivers in the area – to consider the above to avoid the risk to end the trip too early and go back with the wrong impression of the day.

Fishing in Summer until sunset and a little later means more chances for big fish

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