The adventure to Putte was one to be remembered for years: good people, good organization, good results.

Everything started when I took the decision to attend the show and it was during a long talk with my dear Dutch friend, Rian, to whom I owe much of the success had in Putte.

She wasn’t new of this kind of events, having taken a positive position during the previous fairs I attended in the Netherlands (Little Italy in Amsterdam, the The Dutch Fly Fair  in Putten…).

It was in Putten (NL) where I met the team of the Fly Happening 2018: they were so kind to invite me as an exhibitor, which I confirmed at once. 


Rian‘s presence was both on Saturday and Sunday.

She’s not an angler but she perfectly knows the business having been my alter-ego in the Netherlands for many year.

Her knowledge of the Dutch and Belgian environments and of the deal gave the right push and results were surprising. 



By midmorning, Wilco  – whom I had the pleasure to guide to some rivers in Central Italy – joined me at the stand. He offered his presence to support me spreading the beauty of our region.

His double experience (he has fished our rivers twice…) was extremely useful and he was kind enough to translate many questions from visitors and explain them the “hows” and the “whys” of fishing our waters.

He did a really huge work and his help was very much appreciated both by me and by the many visitors to the stand. A really great help!!!


Many were the visitors who stopped at the stand and showed great interest for fishing holidays in Tuscia and Central Italy.

A lot left the stand with the promise to come over the next year, including two or three families with lady-anglers and young boys and girls wishing to catch fish during the holidays. 

Many were also those whom I met  when attending other flyfairs or I got in touch with via Facebook and paid me a visit. It was a great pleasure to know them in person and to receive their confirmation for a next holiday in Italy. 

For sure, most were attracted by the many holidays-fishing accomodations offered by the area: Glamping, Hourse riding, Quad, Natural food and much more at Pietra Serena, a farmhouse not far from Siena. 

Located in the the South of Maremma, Pietra Serena is not far from a beautiful mid-mountain stream with huge rainbows and brown.

The Podere Calledro (, a farmhouse near Orte 

within easy reach from river Nera, one of the best rivers in Central Italy for trout flyfishing. 


The peaceful “Villaggio del Sole“, the ultimate in relaxation in a pleasant corner of greenery, not far from river Tiber, dividing the region Latium from Umbria. 

Villaggio del Sole is not far from flyfishing spots (river Nera, lake Bolsena…) and is a good starting point for one-day-trips to Rome, Viterbo, Bomarzo, Soriano nel Cimino and many other interesting places.

and the Yellow House, a holidays house in the north of the province of  Viterbo, not far from this medieval town and from Lake Bolsena. 

This water is very much appreciated by many North European tourists for its sunbathing and flyfishing opportunities. 

From the Yellow House it is possible to reach many interesting towns and villages:  Bolsena, Civita di Bagnoregio, Lubriano, Viterbo, Orvieto… just to mention a few.


In addition to offering top rate hospitality, all these structures can be used as a starting point to many other sightseeing spots (medieval and roman towns, history, culture, architecture, horse and bicycle riding  and so one) and, most important, for top of the top fishing destinations.

Last but not least, they offer an excellent solution for those who want to approach fly fishing from the very basics or want to improve their technique, thanks to casting and tying sessions to be organized on site.



The trip to Belgium ended with a quick tour of Brussels (my flight was to leave late in the afternoon). I had never been there as a tourist: it is absolutely wonderful and really worth another trip, maybe on two or three days

I was very happy to have attended the Fly Happening 2018 and for sure I will not miss the next one. My compliments and thanks to the whole staff who proved to be very  competent and gave a great contribution to making Tuscia known also in this part of Europe.


Tuscia is within easy drive from Rome and is awaiting for you. Get in touch and book your next fishing trips!!!

Post Author: Osvaldo Velo

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