My “alter ego” in the Netherland is really in love with Italy and Tuscia: she visited this area some years ago and never stops telling her friends how beautiful the area is. 

This year, a couple of her friends decided to spend their holidays in Tuscia: jumped into their camper and drove all the way to Viterbo. 

What an opportunity to spend a couple of days with them for an introduction to the secrets of the cradle of the Etruscans… just some hints to wake up their curiosity.

Unfortunately they only had a few days to stay here (a deep visit to the area asks for a longer time) and we had to decide what to visit. The choice was for Viterbo, Ferento, Casteldasso, Bolsena,  Celleno, Civita di Bagnoregio… quite a lot of places for such a short staying and their visit was limited to a very quick tour concentrated on the very basics of our land: just a very small introduction to what Tuscia offers to tourists.

Nevertheless they were struck by the beauties of Tuscia and  promised to come over again soon and this time they will hire a real Tourist Guide for a full, detailed and professional visit.

Unfortunately they are not anglers, nevertheless they know a lot of them and will not miss spreading this area of Central Italy to their friends fond of fly fishing…

Tuscia, where tourism and flyfishing meet…

 During our trip with our camper in May in Italy, we visited the surrounding of the city Viterbo in Tuscia.

A friend of us tipped us her friend Osvaldo. He and his wife Anna live in this area.

Osvaldo is an expert in fly fishing but also a very good guide (and his wife Anna)!

If you want to see special things in Tuscia and surroundings of Viterbo… please make an appointment with him.

It’s for sure you will not be disappointed.

He is/they are very kindly people and know a lot.

Osvaldo let you show beautiful and interesting things (most tourists have never been on such places) and his explanation is, if you want too, in the English language.

For less we had only two days but if you want more… it’s possible.

If you want a mixture of fly fishing days and sightseeing….  just ask Osvaldo.

The whole experience was great and last but not least it was a great pleasure for us to meet those people!!

Greetings from Gert and Marlies from the Netherlands.





Celleno – the Ghost Town



Civita di Bagnoregio – the Dying Town

Ferento – the Amphitheater

“Tana dell’Orso”

Bolsena, its castle and hamlet


cradle of Etruscan civilisation

Post Author: Osvaldo Velo

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