Beyond Fly Fishing...

Beyond fly fishing: because a fishing trip in Tuscia and Central Italy is not just a fishing trip.

If you have chosen Central Italy for your next holidays you can expect much more than fly fishing waters.

You are in the cradle of culture where art and history are always around you and you feed on them.

After a full day spent fishing, you deserve the best once back at the b&b, camping, farmhouse or hotel. There starts the best of the rest of your day. 

Viterbo, the capital of Tuscia

Viterbo  is the main town of Tuscia, an area in upper Latium often confused with Tuscany. Tuscia is not a region but an area including the whole province of Viterbo. 

This area contains mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, sea, natural thermal baths, Roman, Etruscan and Middle Age remains, gardens… all the best for tourism addicts.

Food and Wine

Food and wine are a second-to-none option for tourists coming to Italy (well, except for anglers…). You should consider a visit to oil millswineries or local “trattorie” where old and local recipes can be tasted. 

Local dishes and wines are numberless and almost every town has its own recipe. Pappardelle, Acquacotta, local Beans, blue Potatoes, Est-Est-Est, Cannaiola, Aleatico… just to mention a few.



Not-anglers can spend their days relaxing or visiting the many small villages, castles, hamlets built in the Middle Age or by the Romans or the Etruscans. 

Viterbo is the town of the Conclave.:

“The representatives of the Church gathered in the town for the election of the new Pope spent too much time for their decision and the inhabitants were tired and starving.

The  Priests were locked in the room and the roof taken off thus exposing them to wind and rain and cold and sun.

The new Pope was elected in few days…”

The city is also the town of the Contesa“. the re-enactment of that event is performed every year by the Figuranti della Contesa, a theater company whose components have decided to make medieval times come back to our days.

September is also the day of the Macchina di Santa Rosa: on the 3rd of the month a huge “Statue” of Saint Rose is transported along the streets of Viterbo. 

Tuscia is an excellent area for relax. We have many  hot springs thermal Spas and natural baths, of which the “Bulicame” is mentioned also in Dante’s Divina Commedia.


Lake Bolsena, the biggest Italian volcanic lake, is approx 15 minutes from Viterbo. Every year, thousands of people from the Northern Europe and overseas spend their holidays in the small villages and the beaches all along the borders of the lake. 

The many Etruscan necropolis and remains from the Roman Empire attract historians from all over the world.

Middle Age castles and churches have been used to create movies.

Thousands of visitors can confirm the unique beauty of Civita di Bagnoregio (the dying town) and Celleno (the ghost town).

Photography addicts will appreciate the many options offered by nature “in the middle of nowhere” and breath-taking landscapes. 

Gliding, horse and bicycle riding, trekking, archery and much more.  A numberless list of activities. 

Tuscia is what you are looking for. Don’t miss a visit to Tuscia!!!