List of books

Books translated into Italian from French L’art de la peche à la mouche sèche L’Ombre, poisson de sport La peche de l’ombre à la mouche Pris sur le Vif  J.P. Pequegnot L’arte della pesca a mosca seccaL. De Boisset Il temolo, pesce sportivoSinclairLa pesca del temolo con la mosca Ch. Ritz Pris sur le Vif  Poisssons et Pecheurs […]

Details on translations

The Trout and the Fly L’art de la peche à la mouche sèche Selective Trout Fly Fisherman’s Primer Fly Patterns, an artificial guide The complete book of flyfishing The Trout and the Fly B. Clarke – J. Goddard  (A&C Black London – 1984 / Ugo Mursia Milano – 1989)————————–My roots as a fly angler go back […]

Rivier de Nera, een paradijs voor veel vissers

Rivier de Nera, een paradijs voor veel vissers River Nera, a paradise for many anglers Rivier de Nera, een paradijs voor veel vissers Op zondag 25 november 2018 was ik op de flyfair in Putte België aanwezig. Daar kwam ik bij een stand met vliegvis reizen naar Italië genaamd ( en daar ontmoete ik Osvaldo Velo, bleek […]


TROUT/CHUB STREAM – approx 150 km from ViterboStream – Trout


CHALK STREAM – approx 230 km from Viterbo Stream – Trout

Visitors from Holland

My “alter ego” in the Netherland is really in love with Italy and Tuscia: she visited this area some years ago and never stops telling her friends how beautiful the area is. This year, a couple of her friends decided to spend their holidays in Tuscia: jumped into their camper and drove all the way to […]

The Giomici Castle

The Giomici Castle (Castello di Giomici) is a medieval fortress dating back to the XI century, built as a surveillance point and defense of the Chiascio Valley against Perugia and Assisi, historical enemies of Gubbio. Still in good conditions, it is composed of two towers, some houses and a small church (1154) with frescoes going […]


RIVER CORNO – approx 130 km from Viterbo River – Trout