Certifications are important parts of a guide’s experience, which is constantly improved being as on the water as much as possible. Since my first approach to flyfishing, I’ve have sought knowledge and am happy with the results gained after a hard work. Since my First and Second Certifications I have been teaching fly casting and fishing to hundreds of fishermen. Unfortunately a few of them gave up flyfishing for different reasons but most of them are still around, spreading my words and knowledge to many more.

Thanks to these Certifications you might consider approaching the technical basis of flycasting, in case you are a beginner or want to improve your skill while spending your holidays in Tuscia.

Fly Casting Instructor – 1985.

I approached flyfishin in 1977 and worked hard to understand the basics. Eight years later, I was told I was ready for the “job”. The instructor, Mario Riccardi, was a world known casting recordman: attending his lessons was not an easy affair and not all “pupils” passed his strict examinations. Many had to re-start from the beginning and a few even gave up. Lucky enough, this was not my case. I got the certification while member of the Fly Angling Club (when I lived in Milan). At present, I am a Fly Casting Instructor for the Tuscia Fly Club (which I founded when I moved to Viterbo).

Fly Casting Instructor – 1989.

Four years passed since the first step. Twelve years after my entrance into the flyfishing world, my name was included into the National List of Casting Instructors of the National Casting Instructors. I was the 14th in the list. Today the total number of instructors is near 100. Proud to have been among the first.


Basic Life Safety Certification – 2016.

Fishing is not a dangerous activity but accidents may happen from to time. A Basic Life Certification is therefore important. You never know…

LIS – Lingua dei Segni Italiana (Italian Signs Language) 1st level – 2017.


LIS – Lingua dei Segni Italiana (Italian Signs Language) 2nd level – 2018.



LIS – Lingua dei Segni Italiana (Italian Signs Language) 3rd level – 2019.

I want to give deaf people the chance to understand – even in a noiseless world – the beauty of nature and the magic of angling