Have you ever considered Flyfishing in Italy for your next holiday?

The province of Viterbo is known as “Tuscia” (not to be confused with Tuscany, from which it is separated by river Fiora, an interesting destination for chub fishing) not far from some of the best waters, top of the top for the fly. The area is filled with history, art, architecture and so on. Last but not least, it is within reasonable distance from Rome, the cradle of the Roman Empire.

Where else can you find the best solution for a 360° holiday? There are few other places – even in Italy – where you are within easy driving distance from sea, hills, mountains, lakes, river… where history, architecture, Etruscan and medieval towns are deeply immersed in an almost untouched nature… an area in central Italy where both the angler and his family can enjoy a fully relaxing time leaving all the rest aside… 

If you are looking for top quality flyfishing services, you are on the right website and I’ll be pleased to share my own emotions with you:

– Daily or longer fishing trips  – National Tourist Fishing License  – No-kill daily tickets.

– Stream, river, lake, chalk-stream, sea fishing in Central-North-South Italy – Fishing equipment available on site.

– Dry, wet, nymph, streamer fishing – Flytying, casting tuition, lectures.

– Italian, LIS (Italian Deaf Language), English, French.

– Pick-up from hotel/B&B and transport from/to airport available.

– Tourist services for anglers’ companions available in cooperation with local tour operators.

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