In Tuscia (the northern part of Latium) and adjacent areas you have many options and destinations where all flyfishing techniques are possible.

Plenty of water to be covered. We live surrounded by lakes where floating flies and poppers give good results (both from the shore and from a boat). Rivers are plenty, too. They have cyprinids (have you ever tried the emotions of a barbel or a carp on the other side of the line?) and, within easy reach, trout in one of the most beautiful salmonid waters of Italy. We have very small streams where trout are present and where casting is very difficult and hard but most waters offers best casting conditions to beginners and not skilled anglers.

All the rivers of this area are great for wets, especially in winter or early summer. Lakes are also very productive: simply switch to bigger sizes and be ready for a surprise.

The Leinsering’s Lift is extremely killing in many of our rivers. Heavy nymphs do their job both in the fast stretches of our small streams and in the placid pools dotting bigger rivers.

We are in the “streamer land”, thanks to the lakes. The bigger the streamer, the more the chances for big black bass and pike.

Poppers are the top of the top for bass in our lakes, expecially during the hottest days of summer and autumn.