Leaders and Tippets

Leaders and Tippets, how many questions about!!!

In Italy we are used to express the nylon diameters in parts of centimeters. This may cause confusion to anglers from countries where centimeters are replaced by inches.

Many anglers normally use “X” denominations (1X, 2X and so on) and when they ask for a new piece of nylon to replace the tippet, we are unable to mention the proper diameter in millimeters.

On the other side, when we must tell anglers what is the best tippet “size” for a certain environment, we have no idea of its “foreign” counterpart.

Leaders and Tippets may puzzle anglers. The following may help solve the problem.

USA                                              INCHES                                                MM

0X                                                 0.011                                                       0.28

1X                                                  0.010                                                      0.25

2X                                                  0.009                                                     0.23

3X                                                  0.008                                                     0.20

4X                                                  0.007                                                     0.18

5X                                                  0.006                                                      0.15

6X                                                  0.005                                                      0.13

7X                                                  0.004                                                      0.10

8X                                                  0.003                                                      0.08

It’s generally known that the last portions of a knotted leader before the tippet should be all of the same length.

However, when you break the point (too big a fish or you catch a tree…) you must replace it and you can’t help shortening the last section.

After a few  broken tippets, the last section will be too short to make a proper knot.

My suggestion is to make your leader leaving the last short section (the one before the final tippet) some centimeters longer than the previous one.

This will give you enough length to make more knots before replacing the whole leader.


cm      150                                   75                30              15        15      15        15            25                  100

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