Osvaldo Velo


National Fly Fishing Association

  • Member of the Board and National Secretary
  • Regional (Latium) Responsible
  • Casting Instructor
  • Founder and President of Tuscia Fly Club in Viterbo
  • Secretary of the Fly Angling Club in Milan for more than 15 years.
  • President and founder of Fish&Flies Club in Crema (CR)
  • Editor of “La Mosca in Italia”, national newsletter paper of one of the most important National Fly Anglers’ Association in Italy
  • Regional (Lombardy) Responsible for said Association
  • National Responsible of Fishing Patrolling Squad for said Association
  • Chairman for said Association
  • Vice-Chairman for said Association
  • Secretary for National Casting School for said Association

A fly angler since 1977, I have fished most Italian and European waters plus New Zealand and Far East. My cooperation with the most important Italian fishing magazines (Pescare, Mosca&Spinning, Fly Line, etc) as well as my interest in environment protection started early in the '80s. I don't consider flyfishing a sport but a way of life, where you never stop learning in spite of your knowledge.

German Language - Translator


Tour Operator


Tourist Guide


English Language - Translator/Interpreter


French Language - Translator


Fly Casting Instructor


Fly Casting Instructor



Fly Angling Guide in Tuscia and rest of Italy 

She lives in the Netherlands, has worked in the travel industry for many years – since 1973 – and got her Dutch professional papers as well as the international IATA/UFTAA diploma.

After dealing with incoming tourism, she has been a specialist in business travel for the biggest travel organisation in the Netherlands at that time, Holland International.

She travelled to most European countries as well as North- and South America, the Far East and Africa.

In 1975, during KLM workshops at Schiphol airport/Amsterdam, she met Osvaldo Velo from Italy, became friends, learned about his fascination for fly fishing and after many, many years, when he started to increase fly fishing in


my alter-ego in the Netherlands

Tuscia she decided to assist him to promote both fly angling and tourism in the province of Viterbo, where he lives. 

She searches for contacts in the fly fishing world and explains them that Tuscia has a lot to offer to anglers and that angling and  tourism make a perfect match. Besides she brings people together who want to increase tourism in Tuscia and connects them with Osvaldo.

She travelled through the area and visited many, many medieval towns and Etruscan archeological sites and wandered through the gorgeous nature to see the lakes and rivers with her own eyes while Osvaldo Velo explained her about fly fishing, fish, flies and the like.

She got more and more convinced that Tuscia deserves a lot more attention outside Italy and will continue to do her utmost to achieve it