My roots as a fly angler go back to the mid of 1970s. That period is somehow considered as the “dark era” of Fly fishing in Italy. Few fellows to spare the trips with, little or no knowledge of the essentials of flyangling, little or no background.

The most fortunate were able to go abroad and fed their brains and souls with foreign rivers and experiences but too few were able to read and understand flyangling English literature.
I decided to offer my language knowledge to the members of the FLY ANGLING CLUB in Milan, one of the biggest in that period in Italy: my first “job” was the translation of dressings whose components were so obscure to many anglers.
After a few years, I decided to enter the business and was lucky enough to meet a publishing co. who accepted my proposal. My first official translation was from French (Poissons et pecheurs) but I was also attracted by English and American authors.
“The Trout and the Fly”, by Clarke & Goddard, is one of the first jobs from English and many others followed.
It was a “hard job, but had to be done” , I would say. A hard job, because a translation is not the simple transposition of a text into another language. You must fully understand the text and the authors’ feeling and knowledge and it is neither easy nor quick. But all these efforts helped me increase my own experience and knowledge. For a serious guide, culture is not an extra but a must, because guides should not limit their job to taking anglers where fish are.