Tuscany: fishing a small stream not far from Tuscia

Tuscany is not Tuscia. This region is separated from Tuscia (which is in Latium) by river Fiora. We shall talk about this nice river in another article: today I want to introduce you to another very nice stream beyond the border. 


River Ente can be reached from Viterbo in less than 2hrs, crossing the lower Maremma and its relaxing landscape.

Southern Tuscany has some very nice streams, all of them worth a visit for those spending their holidays in Tuscia.

River Ente is one of them. It has a short no-kill stretch, managed by a local fishing association. Trout are regularly stocked and reach a good size, thanks to the good water conditions.

It also contains chub and barbel: an interesting opportunity for fly anglers.

The best periods are Spring and Autumn: in Summer the water level gets very low and flyfishing may be a problem, unless you know the river well enough to know where the best spots are.

The local association has also built a small wooden hut where anglers can rest, eat and drink and tie their flies during the hottest hours of the day. 

Fishing asks for a daily ticket (in addition to the national fishing license). 

The River

It is not a difficult water. If the water level is not too high due to the rain (thunderstorms are quite frequent here), hip boots are sufficient. However, waders grant accessibility to the whole river.

Don’t forget a wading staff, very useful in case of slippery stones. River Ente’s springs are in Mount Amiata, a nice winter skiing destination, not very far from this no-kill stretch.

It has running, tumbling water and small placid pools; as a consequence, “hunting” the fish is the best method.

However, it often happens to see tenths of fish rising to mayflies and sedges. In these cases, using the best imitation is a must. 

Casting is not difficult due to the absence of big obstacles along the banks but requires precision and delicacy. 


Tuscia is a lucky area as far as flyfishing is concerned. In addition to our local streams, we can take advantage of those in Tuscany and Umbria, plus those in the provinces of Latium. 

River Ente is not far from nice small towns (Santa Fiora, Arcidosso, Abbadia San Salvatore, Grosseto, Lake Bolsena just to mention a few) where the angler’s family can spend their days waiting for him and ready to taste delicious food and wines. The perfect holiday for all of them. 


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