When anglers decide to spend a (fishing) holiday somewhere they often have no idea of what they should expect once on site. How will be the day organized? What does the service include? These are but a couple of the many questions waiting for a reply.

Let’s find out what  you will be offered if you decide for a fishing holiday in the province of Viterbo (from where you can also move to other Italian destinations).

Viterbo – and its province (known as “Tuscia”) – is not far from Rome and is the perfect starting point for 1 or 2 day fishing experiences. We are within easy reach of some fantastic waters but longer trips can be arranged to the North or to the South of Italy where magic rivers are waiting for you. Click here to see how far Viterbo is from airports and cities.

Prices mainly depend on the trip you choose. If your companion is not an angler there are a lot of amusing things to do. Drop me an email for further details.

Tuscia offers many B&Bs, Farm Houses, Hotels, Holiday Houses, Castles, Camping sites.

If you have no idea about, just let me know: I’ll give you some hints.

If you prefer relying on a tourist office or tour operator I’ll give you some contacts. They will help you organize your staying here and will submit the best solution for trips, sightseeing, organized excursions and the like (horse riding, trekking, etruscan and medieval historical tours… just to mention a few).

Once you have decided where to spend your nights, simply tell your hosts that you want to go fishing and they will arrange a meeting at their premises for a first contact. In case you have got in touch with me in advance, I’ll be glad to meet you on a specific date and place. All what you have to do is to tell me when and where you will arrive.

You don’t have to be worried about fishing papers: send me – via email – a copy of your passport (.pdf or .jpg) and I will hand you all the necessary documents, including the no-kill daily ticket if you decide for this kind of water.

We’ll meet early in the morning at a given place and move to the chosen water where you’ll enjoy fishing until midday. After a short break for lunch you’ll fish again until sunset. Normally, dinner is at your B&B/hotel but if you prefer stopping for dinner before going back “home” I know restaurants/pizzerias near the fishing spots. Please be sure to inform me in case you have special food requirements or allergy of any kind.

If you don’t want to bring your fishing tackle (when traveling by plane this might be a problem) you will find rod, reel, line, leaders and flies available here. I can also provide waders given that you tell me in advance your foot size. Click here for more infos.

In case of young anglers, please remember that they should be always accompanied by their parents and under their full responsibility.

Don’t forget a hat, (polarized) sunglasses, rain jacket, warm socks and your  own medicines (if any).

After a short break for lunch you’ll fish again until sunset.

Lake fishing is possible both from the shore and from a boat.

You will be followed along the river step by step...