I live in a fortunate area of Central Italy: different kinds of water are within easy reach and we can rely on almost all species accepting flies.

(Note: This website has been created in cooperation with friends who offered images of their catches. All fish depicted in this website have been carefully handled and duly released. Being a strong supporter of Catch&Release and nature preservation. i will do my best to replace unproper photos with newer, avoiding uncorrect images).



We have a few very small streams where trout are present and where casting is very difficult and risky. If you love adventure, be ready for a very hard day. Tuscia, however, is within reasonable distance from some wonderful rivers where trout are predominant.


Black Bass

In some way it is considered our “national” fish due to heavy presence in our lakes and in some rivers. Best results are obtained with heavy streamers worked along the bottom or near weedbeds. In summer, poppers are very useful but must be bulky and noisy.


They live mainly in our lakes which, due to their volcanic origins, are very deep and steep. Pike come near the banks late in winter/early spring when you can try them with huge streamers along the weedbeds or rocky shores. In summer they must be searched using extra fast sinking lines.



We have plenty of them and are – together with pike – our preferred quarry mainly in Winter. In Summer, fishing big specimen is amusing and tiring as well.



They accept the flies during specific periods of the year but once hooked, you feel like reeling a train in!


Our waters represent the best environment for this fish which from time to time rise to our flies or accept nymphs worked skillfully along the bottom.