Tuscia (upper Latium) is the land of sun and mild weather, where summer is not that hot and winter is not that cold for too many days. All this makes our area the best place for fishing all year round.

Come over for a holiday whenever you wish: every season has its charm and you don’t even need your fishing gear: you’ll find everything here!



Except for few very cold days in January or February (when the icy wind from the North sweeps the land) chub and pike are the most common preys.  Big – very big – streamers on fast sinking lines in the lake and nymphs for chub in the rivers.



Trout start moving after the winter rest and their activity will be at the top at the end of the season. Black bass in the lakes, chub, barbel, carp in the rivers give lots of surprises to those who prefer quieter water.



The best time for black bass in lakes (either streamers and poppers),  barbel, carp. Trout shelter in the swiftest currents and rise mainly to terrestrials or attractors. Chub offer adrenaline in the quieter pools when they patrol the area and rise violently to noisily cast big attractors. ​



For sure, the best for flyfishing. The weather is still warm but not too hot, water level is perfect, fish are active until mid/end November and sometimes in December. The trout season officially closes the first Sunday of October but in many waters trout can be fished as late as November and December.