From Viterbo, it takes roughly one hour to reach the most interesting fishing spots of this province. And you find yourself plunged into the savage nature…

(Note: This website has been created in cooperation with friends who offered images of their catches. All fish depicted in this website have been carefully handled and duly released. Being a strong supporter of Catch&Release and nature preservation. i will do my best to replace unproper photos with newer, avoiding uncorrect images).

River Mignone

Fishing the best spots of this savage river asks for some sense of adventure. You will find yourself in “the middle of nowhere”, surrounded by cows, horses, sheep, hawks and the like.

You’re in the cradle of the Etruscans and tombs and remains are just few minutes away from the river.

The best method to catch the big fish patrolling the large and deep pools is to spot them and, from a long distance, cast (abruptly) a big attractor (a palmer, a terrestrial…) right on the tail of the fish. 

River Fiora

It separates Latium from Tuscany and crosses the remains of the ancient Etruscan town of Vulci, creating a small lake (Lake Pellicone).

It’s famous for its big chub and barbels, both appreciated quarries for the passionate flyangler.

Hermitages are disseminated not far from the river.

It springs in Tuscany and divides this region from Latium before entering the sea, where sea-flyfishing is possible with good results.

Lake Bolsena

The biggest lake of Central Italy. Of volcanic origins, it is very deep and offers black bass, pike, carps, perch and the like.

You can fish either from the shore or from the boat.

Typical of the lake is the so-called “Lattarino”, a small fish which is the main food source for predators (pike, black-bass) and appreciated on the tables of the many small typical restaurants of the area.

Strong rod, tippet and big flies give the best results. Black bass is a very common prey,



Lake Vico

It is the third largest lake in the Latium region, known to the Romans as Ciminius Lacus, The lake itself is a nature reserve and has no villages facing the water.

The origins of Lake Vico go back  to Heracle who dug his club into the ground and invited the local inhabitants to extract it. Nobody was able to perform Heracle’s request and when he pulled it out, water sprung from the earth and filled the valley, creating the lake.

In the XVIth century engineers dug an underground drainage channel from the lake to the Rio Vicano stream, a tributary of River Treja, itself a tributary of the Tiber, lowering the level of the lake and reducing its surface area to its present day horse-shoe shape

Fishing regulations are rather complex. There are pike, black-bass. tench, chub. perch… No trout.

River Marta

It originates from lake Bolsena and gives the name to the homonym small village. It has mainly chub, carp, barbel and black bass. The first part of the river, at the lake outlet, is used as a flyfishing gym all year round thanks to its concrete banks and shallow water. Here fish are extremely difficult because anglers are obliged to fish a meter or so above water level and chub see them from a long distance…

Downstream, it becomes rather difficult due to the trees and buhes. The bottom is muddy and walking in might be not easy. 

Best flies are attractors and results are often very good. No special tackle is required. Excellent river for beginners. 

Lake Mezzano

Lake Mezzano is a really small volcanic lake, north of lake Bolsena (it is supposed the two lakes are in connection through deep channels). It is deep and dangerous for swimming, since whirls originate from time to time. Fishing from the shore is possible only in few spots and the best solution is a belly boat or a kayak, It contains pike, black back, tench, perch, chub and lavarel. The lake gives birth to river Olpeta, a very small stream running through a rough and wild narrow valley before entering river Fiora. 

Lake Mezzano is somehow lost in the middle of nature: only one or two houses facing its water and only one rough and hard road.

Best period is summer and autumn. Strong tackle and big flies (streamers).