Wilderness and where to find it

Wilderness is what you seek? You should try fly fishing fully immersed in nature!

Our land – Tuscia – offers unforgettable and unmatchable emotions, especially if you like going deep into nature.

Trout rivers are not far from Viterbo and are visited by a lot of anglers during the hottest months; as a consequence, they might result quite crowded, still being very interesting.

Luckly enough, the area offers so many different spots  where trout are not a must, like carps and huge chub eagerly reacting to big attractors. 

If you are in search of the “real” spirit of fly fishing and want to try breath taking experience in one of the most exciting landscapes of our land,  you have got it. 

Fishing this part of the area asks for “good legs”, resistance and spirit of adventure. 

The hereunder video is a report of a nice trip to “nowhere land”. Have a look and consider spending one or more days of your holidays surrounded by a savage nature.

The film shows the conditions of the road and relevant difficulties and some of the many catches (three anglers and more than 100 fish in half a day, all duly released) ranging from 20 to 55cm using one single fly, the imitation of a terrestrial cast abruptly to the tail – not the head – of the chub (a technique very much used in this area). 

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